Topanga Creek Watershed Committee


December 2000



  1. Resources online (through

    Draft Topanga Creek Watershed Management Study
    A.2. Topanga Water Quality Study Work Plan
    A.3. Topanga Watershed Erosion and Sediment Delivery Study Work Plan
    Topanga Lagoon and Watershed Restoration Feasibility Study Work Plan

    Request for Proposals: Topanga Lagoon and Wateshed Restoration Feasiblity Study and Hydrological Analysis
    A.6. Topanga Creek Report Card
    A.7. Sensitive Species found in Topanga
    A.8. Hydrology Modeling Proposal by Vern Finney, NRCS
    A.9. Topanga Watershed Committee background information

  2. Resources available for review at the Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains office by appointment. Call 310-455-1030.
  3. B.1. Aerial photos of the entire watershed — 1997 (not stereo)

    B.2. Historical aerial photos of Topanga Lagoon (1928,1940, 1946, 1956)

    B.3. Maps of the Topanga Watershed (1924 USGS geology map, 7.5 minute quad, 1876 US Coast Survey Map)

    B.4. GIS layers in ArcView 3.2 (topography, roads, streams, slope, aspect, vegetation, infrastructure, public open space boundaries, watershed boundary, water quality sampling locations, erosion and sediment sampling locations, channel cross sections, lagoon cross sections, fire history)

    B.5. Rainfall data — numerous locations throughout the watershed from 1988 — present

    B.6. Los Angeles County hydrologic background data — stream gage data, Hec2 analysis, hydrologic unit maps

  4. Selected pertinent published references (available at RCDSMM library)

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