Mission Statement of the
Topanga Creek Watershed Committee

The mission of the Topanga Watershed Committee is to refine and develop a consensus based, voluntary watershed management plan which effectively minimizes negative impacts to the watershed. The Watershed Committee represents all stakeholders in the watershed and is open to all interested citizens. Organized according to a Coordinated Resource Management Plan (CRMP), all participants have an equal voice in the process and decisions are made by consensus. The Draft Topanga Creek Watershed Management Plan (April 1996) provides a useful framework for the Watershed Committee. The Plan provides voluntary impmentation guidelines for property owners that will not only protect their property from flood or other hazards, but also protect the integrity of the watershed and its many endangered species.

Topanga Creek is the third largest drainage into the Santa Monica Bay, and retains the greatest biodiversity. We have not yet lost our creek, and the goal of the Committee is to see that not only is it protected, but also enhanced so that it could once again support endangered steelhead trout and other important aquatic residents of the canyon.

We greatly appreciate any help that you can provide to either acquire important information or help spread the word throughout the community about the importance of living softly in our watershed. Volunteers are always welcome!

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