2000 - 2001 Budget Proposal

Thanks to the Topanga Canyon Town Council, Topanga Chamber of Commerce and especially the Topanga EarthDay 2000 Committee, the Watershed Committee actually has money to budget! Thanks also to the RCDSMM for contributing fiscal management.

• Postage and copying for mailings $660/year provided by RCDSMM

• Web Site $300/year sponsored for 2001 by Jack MacNeil and Town Council

• Watershed Classes for $500 sponsored by Town Council and Earthday 4th and 5th Graders Comm.

• Aquire historic photos of creek $800 for all prints and display materials

• Coordinator (10 hours/month) $2,400 to coordinate all meetings, logistics, etc.

• Living Lightly in the Watershed $5,000 towards printing costs of booklet *note: will be soliciting additional funds seeking additional sponsors

• Bug Study (macro-invertebrates) $1,500 for sample analysis *note: have requested funding from grant sources

• Airlifting wrecked cars from creek $154 permit costs, lots of generous donations of time and equipment from the community note: also seeking grant funds for helicopters

• Fix signs to advertise meetings $100

• Refreshments for meetings no budget, seeking donations

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