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TOPANGA, CA - Topanga Online is inviting all local businesses to list themselves at no charge. More than 70,000 pages are viewed in Topanga Online by visitors each month, so this listing can bring tangible results for your business.
Just send an email to the address at bottom of this page, using only this three-part format and following the guidelines below:

Business Name
10 word description
Telephone number
Street address (retail businesses only)

Arrange the three or four parts on separate lines.
Use correct puncuation and grammar--do not use all-caps or your listing will not be included.
Submissions accepted via email only--no faxes, snail-mails, floppy disks or phone-ins.
Do not add anything to the actual business name--no tag lines, no description of any kind. For example: "Bill Jones Plumbing Co." is OK. "Bill Jones, Plumber" is not acceptable. Descriptions go in the "Description" field only.
Do not exceed 10 words in the Description--your listing will not be posted if over the limit. Hyphens and slashes create separate words.
The listing you send us is final. Be certain that what you send us is correct. Changes are made each May 1st only.
Submit changes between March 1st and April 30th only.

To have us set up a link, from your listing to your own business web site, see the Rates.

It's free and it's effective. More than 100,000 pages are viewed in Topanga Online every month!
It's the online place to go in the Canyon.


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