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Songwriter and award winning video artist Mo Murphy has a bold and daring perspective. Now she's completed her latest and most riveting video to date, "Warn Me," shot on the Grassy Knoll in Dallas, Texas.

Inspired by the forces that killed a leader and left a country in turmoil, "Warn Me" conceptualizes a perfect American Picnic Day gone bad. The stories behind the "making of..." are just as shocking as the coup d' tat that took place on American soil in 1963. Also featured on the soundtrack is the legendary and brilliant guitarist, Randy California, who died in a tragic swimming accident off the coast of Hawaii, while saving his son.

"The Pounding," Mo's first music video, takes us on the inside for an introspective look at the tumultuous struggle between the individual and the conscience. The video received airplay nationwide as well as being spotlighted on MTV's "120 Minutes."

In creating her second video, a remake of Petula Clark's 1960s hit Downtown, for which she won a Sony/American Film Institute award, Mo used her camera to capture images of after-dark life in the streets of the 80s including an actual mugging-in-progress, the aftermath of a drive-by shooting and a mass arrest of gang members. This potent visual and musical rendition gives a once uplifting song a new and haunting meaning and was featured on the PBS program "The 90s" and music video shows.

Native to the San Francisco Bay Area and a graduate of UCLA's film school, Mo draws upon her background to create powerful songs and innovative videos.

"No One's In Command," her third video release, popped up on video charts all over the country. CMJ magazine said, "Astonishing considering she is completely self-funded and managed. The other astounding feat is that the videos are really rather good, and we aren't the only ones saying that."

A compilation of her videos entitled "Docu-Mo," which includes spoken word vignettes and a behind-the-scenes making of gained her an even larger audience, receiving airplay as far away as Croatia and was put on file for Peter Gabriel's Experience Park. Tom Kidd of Music Connection Magazine called it, " A fine piece of filmmaking by a very talented artist." Her songs were also featured in the motion picture, "Cop-Out."

"Hello Sailor," produced by recording artist, Tim Timmermans, was shot entirely on location in Ireland. And most recently Mo has released a compilation of songs on CD now available on the internet, along with her videos.

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