Setup Instructions
for the
Topanga Online Web Launcher

Note: These instructions are for using the web page designing features of Netscape Communicator or Navigator. Other browsers may not have a built-in page building program as Netscape does.  To download a free Netscape browser, click here.

After you have a Netscape browser running...

1) From the FILE menu, select NEW > NAVIGATOR.  This gives you a second browser to use while reading these instructions.

Use the new browser window to go the Launcher Template page at

3) From your browser's FILE menu select SAVE AS.

4) Name the file index.html and SAVE it to your computer where you'll be able to find it.

5) From the FILE menu, Netscape 4.7x users select OPEN > PAGE IN COMPOSER, and open the page that you named index.html.  Netscape 6.x users select EDIT PAGE.

Now you are ready to customize your Topanga Online Web Launcher page.  You can edit the text on the page just as you would with a word processor.  Then you'll assign a web address to the text to make it a link. How easy is that!

6) Click in one of the empty cells and type a description, for example, "Stock Quotes" or "Weather Report".

7) Now "select" the text of what you just typed. ("Select" means drag your mouse across some text so it is highlighted.)

8) From the INSERT menu, choose LINK.

9) Type or copy/paste from another browser window, the full web address (URL) for the destination you've just created.

10) From the FILE menu, choose SAVE.

One last thing to do and then you are on your way to Launcher madness (or should we say Launcher freedom)!

11) From the EDIT menu, choose PREFERENCES at the bottom.

12) From the column on the left choose NAVIGATOR.

13) On the right, choose NAVIGATOR STARTS WITH HOME PAGE.

14) In the middle Home Page section, click Choose Local File...

15) Find the index.html file that you created and modified earlier.  Click OPEN.

That's it--you're done.     Anytime you want to add or change anything in your Launcher, just follow steps 6 through 10 above.


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