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Advertising Rates


$200 for one month. $150 per month for six months prepaid..

You can send us a finished banner and avoid paying for production of a new one.  Requirements and specifications are:  Dimensions = 292 pixels X 55 pixels.  Resolution = 73 dpi. Filesize maximum = 15k.  File type = .GIF.   Send your banner as an email attachment to: .

Terms: Prepayment via check, cash or money order.

Definition of "exposure": an exposure occurs each time someone views one of the web pages where your banner ad is displayed by the browser.  The banner ads are compatible with all browsers released released since 1998.

To place your banner ad: call us at 661-242-1500, or send email to:

Important Banner Ad Benefits:

1) Sustained Visibility:  Banner ads are located on the most highly visited sections of Topanga Online.  Since your ad is in equal rotation with other ads, it is reasonable that your 1,000 banner ad exposures may occur over a period of time from a couple of weeks to a month. It all depends on the amount of traffic and the number of ads in rotation while your ad is running.

2) Guaranteed Exposure: If your banner doesn't get at least 10,000 exposures during any month, your banner is free for that month.

3) Link Your Banner Ad To Your Web Page: Linking your banner ad to your web page increases traffic to your site and increases your business!  This is included at no extra charge.

4) Customize Your Banner Ad Schedule: You can choose to run your ad only during a specific period of time. For example, you may wish to run a banner ad in the month leading up to an important event.


$9 per month, 40 word limit.  Your ad will appear within two days after we receive payment.   See the Classified page here.  To place a classified ad, email the ad to:  
then mail your check to:  
Sweet Pea Communications, P.O. Box 6513, Pine Mountain, CA 93222.


Put a link to your existing web site in the Local Business Directory.  For only $95 per year, you can link Topanga Online visitors into your existing business web site.  Visitors to the Local Business Directory will be able to click on your link and be taken directly to your own web site.  

To set up your business Web Link:

1)  Establish your FREE Business Directory listing.  Include a note with your listing that you are sending a check for the Web Link, and include the URL (web address) where you want the link to take visitors.   

2) Mail your check for $95 to:  
Sweet Pea Communications, P.O. Box 6513, Pine Mountain, CA 93222.

Your Web Link will appear within two days after we receive payment.


Set up your FREE Topanga Business Directory Listing.  It's free, it's effective, it's smart business.

Ad Rates as of September 13, 2000

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